Quantum Royal Raw Food

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Update: crackers and pate or cashew cheeze are $7 per person.

Order here on our current ordering site… (or for temp full menu as well as bodywork go here to be improved soon but you need to schedule as though it were an appointment with Sea ;))

Small batch salads brimming with organic veggies, extreme life-enhancing probiotic miso blend with chlorella, kelp and fermented veggies, Udo’s omega balance oils, sprouted wild rice, garbanzo, botija olives and so much more! Be amazed by our reishi and mushroom elixir tonics and lattes, even confections such as maca-mocha energy balls and stoneground almond maca-mocha with low-glycemic sweeteners such as stevia drops, yacon syrup; maple syrup or coconut sugar as an optional boost! Food is truly medicinal and can gradually cleanse away a lifetime of processed foods while infusing your sacred body with nutrient-dense mineral-rich greens (many seasonal wild foraged greens as well) and other superfoods, probiotics to ease cravings because you’re actually getting what you need!

Order online via currently our schedulicity page (seafranklin.institute, being updated asap) by texting our mobile number (Nine-One-Seven/ Five-Eight-Eight/ Six-Zero-One-Five) or emailing sea@seafranklin.com. Weekly subscriptions receive $1off each item. New orders by 6pm for the next morning pick-up or drop-off. Porch pick-up is free in SW hills just minutes from Hwy 26 or Forest Park, Portland, OR, or weekdays delivery throughout the greater Portland region from NE 82nd to downtown Portland as well as the SW such as Beaverton area. (Some restrictions may apply. First come first served.) Please see menu below. Check back often for our exciting updates! Look for events at the Cottage where you will receive exceptional raw vegan prepared foods by Sea Michael Franklin, chef to world leaders and leprechauns since 1979.