Welcome to my sacred space.

Hello dear being of light who has stopped by here; either experienced or beginner.

Here we have a way you can count on–of eating, drinking and receiving a listening biodynamic craniosacral touch which can gently and profoundly assist in transforming your life should this be your desire.

Thank you for joining me in amazing transformation as these offerings allow higher frequencies to permeate the body, mind and nervous system, activations of light and information within the plants, from earth and stars, sun and galaxy… of cruelty-free, raw vegan food and drink.

Where do I begin. As you might sense, I’ve been involved in the depths of natural living on this planet since very early on. And equally with the healing arts and studies. References and credentials provided upon request.

My highest wish for you is that you raise your personal standards and discover the optimal You!!! Schedule a biodynamic craniosacral session with me and order some salads, lattes and nut butters with a follow up polaritytherapy session for assisting with any detoxification symptoms or goals you may have for yourself. The Cottage at Bonny Slope is the site of the Quantum Royal Raw Food Kitchen and Gardens and the Quantum Stillness SelfCare and Craniosacral Clinics Treatment Room.

You can view the current menu and schedule sessions or order food and drink here at seafranklin.institute!

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