You want that feeling… where your body feels melted and all cares forgotten.

Our top request is Biodynamic Craniosacral Polyvagal Trauma Release with Guided Energy Reading.

Raindrop Massage is a portal to a deep relaxation state with essential oils systematically applied along the feet, spine and culminating in the neck and occipital region. To schedule Raindrop Massage, Polarity Therapy or Biodynamic Craniosacral in NW Portland, OR at Sea Cummins Office click here or in the sidebar of this page.

COVID COMPLIANCE:  You asked. We listened. We have added a new service. At a stress-free price. To book click scheduler. 2020 Massage Stress Away NAMASTE Special. Use Code “NAMASTE” at checkout for $10 0ff the already discounted rate. Sea is often booked out months in advance at a much higher rate. Feel better today.

You want to eat really amazing salads, green healing soups and energy bars and you’ve heard zucchini noodles and cashew cheese is amazing but don’t have the time   Meet Sea Cummins and begin her mealbox subscription.

Yes for Sea’s Raw Cuisine Menu and to  place orders for pick-up in NW Portland click here. SeasRawCuisine.com

Complete reset with Sea’s Raw Food Princess Protocols 100% raw vegan or juice  and water fasting coaching,
Daily Hot mushroom mocha mood coffees in NW and close-in Portland, Oregon!

This is a rare opportunity for Portland community to receive the unparalleled experience, wisdom and skill with Sea Cummins bodywork, diet, exercise and somatic / shamanic guidance. These are limited time offerings and can disappear at any time. Booking now and pre-paid Packages guarantee your spot. 

Kale MacNCheeze Salad To-Go in Portland, OR

Sea’s Raw Cuisine

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