One day, as a kid, my aunt Geri gently rolled my baby toe in between her fingers. I immediately felt a subtle flow-wave of energy flood over me. She was my Starseed.

(She also stood on her head once a day, recycled all her containers and drank orange juice for breakfast.)

My sisters and I would walk on my dad’s back to help with his stress and athletic strains during his years as a Friends minister… (He was one of the famous “Firehouse Five” basketball team at Pasadena Azusa Pacific College back in the day.)

By my teens, I was avidly studying all I could find about reflexology and natural health sciences from around the world while commiting each detail to memory.

After several years of being staff healer at a raw foods vegetarian organic farm, I became a student then resident in directed service at the Alive Polarity at Murrieta Hot Springs (CA) resort. There, I took the experiential Holistic Practitioners courses–a total of 1200 hours of spiritual diet, energy yoga, bodywork and counseling skills.

As a result, I’ve been studying and practicing Polarity Therapy developed by Dr Randolph Stone, D.O., N.D., for over 35 years. Since then I’ve worked on thousands of clients both in private practice and in a franchise massage clinic setting and am very excited about the results clients are reporting for stress-relief, self-awareness, pain management and relief as well as reversing shock and trauma induced symptoms.

Advanced Craniosacral Biodynamics Training. Professionally certified Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST) and IABT (International Association of Biodynamic Therapists) as well as the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) as a Registered Polarity Pracitioner (RPP).

Book with me now in Portland, OR, Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA and Baja del Sur La Paz Municipality, Mexico: https://seacummins.as.me (booking)

I thoughtfully assist clients to increase relaxation, decrease stress, facilitate shock and trauma resolution, chronic pain relief, and connect with their innate treatment plan.

Specialties: Craniosacral Biodynamics, Registered Polarity Practitioner with the American Polarity Therapy Association, over 3,000 hours of training along with decades of grass roots and professional natural healing experience.

Cross-cultural alliances and ending racism is important to me.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope my work can assist you in health.